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Questions you might have:

So what is Diamond Confetti?

Diamond confetti are small diamonds made from high quality acrylic. Of course they are not real diamonds but they do look a lot like them. Most of our customers use them to "sprinkle" around wedding centerpieces to add that special touch of elegance to table décor.

What colors and sizes does of Diamond Confetti do you sell?

We sell diamond confetti in six different sizes and twenty six different colors. Please note all of the diamond confetti comes in 5.5mm, 7mm and 10mm. In addition we carry 4.5mm and 12mm in clear only. Many of our colors come in 14mm as well. Click on any color below to see what options we offer: 

What are the sizes and amounts per package?

The diamond confetti is packaged as follows:

4.5mm (1/3 carat) Approximately 2000 pcs-approx 1/2 cup

5.5mm (2/3 carat) Approximately 2000 pcs-approx 2/3 cup

7mm (1 carat) Approximately 2500 pcs-approx 1 cup

8mm (2 carat) Approximately 1000 pcs-approx 1 1/3 cup

10mm (4 carat Approximately 1000 pcs-approx 1 2/3 cup

Are diamond confetti made of glass?

No, Diamond confetti is made of a high quality acrylic which makes each piece shiny and bright.

What do I do with diamond confetti?

Of course you can do anything you want with diamond confetti but most of our customers buy it to accessorize their centerpieces. You will love the extra shine and elegance it adds to your table décor whether it be a bridal shower, a wedding reception, a corporate event or any special occasion in which you want to impress your guests. Other uses include home décor in vases, retail displays and as an added touch to in wedding invitations.

Does diamond confetti float or sink?

Diamond confetti doesn't really float. The 7mm and larger definitely sink. Sometimes the 5.5mm want to float but it is rather random. If they float, you can push them down gently with a spoon and they will stay at the bottom of the vase.

How much diamond confetti should I buy?

Of course the amount you should buy depends on what you are doing with it. If you are filling vases, here's a little trick to help you know how much you need. Fill the vase with water to the point you want diamond confetti. Then pour the water into a measuring cup and times that amount by how many vases you plan to fill. That will give you the amount of cups you need and if you want you can call us and we can help you with the totals. If you are sprinkling diamond confetti around centerpieces, consider taking a 1/4 of a cup of un-popped popcorn and sprinkling that around the center of you table. You can then decide if the coverage is too much or not enough for the look you are going for. Once you decide how much diamond confetti is the perfect amount for your centerpiece, multiply the amount by how many tables you will be decorating. Please call us if you have any questions.

Do you ship to worldwide?

We only ship to Canada.

Please contact us with additional questions or concerns.

You can email us at: [email protected]

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