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Neon Pink Diamond Confetti

12,000 ct. Neon Pink Diamond Confetti Special just $38.95! 2/3 carat (6000ct), 1 carat (5000 ct), 4 carat (1000 ct.)
Neon Pink Sample Pack-99¢ 2/3 carat, 1 carat , 4 carat mix-about a teaspoon full
Neon Pink Diamond Confetti-2/3 carat 2/3 carat, 5.5mm, 2000 ct.
Neon Pink Diamond Confetti-1 carat 1 carat, 7mm, 2500 ct. package
Neon Pink Diamond Confetti-4 carat 4 carat, 10mm, 1000 ct. package
Neon Pink Diamond Confetti-10 Carat 10 carat, 14mm, 500 ct. package